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We offer a wide range of services to suit our Commercial client’s needs

Fixed Lump Sum


This is the preferred option for most clients:

Where 4Front Construction provides a fixed lump sum amount based on the plans and specifications supplied. This Fixed sum covers all costs associated with the construction of the building from plans to completion.

This offers peace of mind for the client as they know from the outset exactly how much the completed project will cost, it is the ease of knowing there is only one price and one contractor to pay.

4Front Construction are responsible for all aspects of management of project and will meet regularly with the client to discuss the progress and key stages of the project.


Design and construct


Where 4Front Construction will work in consultation with the client from concept to completion. We would facilitate the design, the construction and delivery of the completed project.

Two key benefits to this method are:


Cost: If the client has a budget in mind, we are able to ensure from the outset that the specifications and design facilitate that budget.


Knowledge: The client can draw on our experience with the latest building methods, materials and designs from the inception of the project.

Construction Management


Where 4Front Construction is engaged to manage the clients project.

We coordinate the project making sure the work is completed correctly, the time schedules are followed, the subcontractors are managed effectively, appropriate certificates and permits are obtained and all works are compliant with relevant building codes and legislation.

The client pays 4Front construction a Fixed sum or a percentage of the value of the works, to perform these services. All other payments are handled directly by the client.

The advantage of this method of construction is that any cost savings that may be found throughout the project by subcontractors are of direct financial benefit to the client.

The client is more involved and has control of multiple payments.

This method of construction will not suit those wanting to pay a fixed lump sum to one contractor.

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